Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking Back

Here it is January 11, 2010. Already I am looking back on my vacation. Yes, we went on vacation for first 8 days of 2010. Of course, I lost all my resolutions in Florida! Returning to Atlanta into even more cold than Florida's 28 degrees was a bit of a shock to the system. First with the frozen Atlanta streets and BirdWatch America. Then home to broken pipes and no water. Nor is there water yet. I planned on fixing it today, right now in fact, when is was supposed to get up to 40F allowing PVC glue to dry. But no, it is 26F. Don't think that is going to work. No water. So, I opened the store and no one has come. I went to lunch, left a note I would be back shortly. No one here when I returned. I sat in my car waiting for the elusive customer. I looked out my window thruough my rear view mirror, looking back. Shall I go try to fix the water? Maybe a hair dryer will work. Guess it is time to go give it a shot.

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