Monday, June 14, 2010


I am a little frustrated this afternoon. It is not an unusual thing for me. I would like to get more done during the day. This morning, on a whim, I took up my paint brush again and finished a painting. That is, I painted over a painting begun some time ago. It might be said, I just didn't like the results acheived the first time so, I just never finished it. Sometimes you just have to let it simmer. This one simmered for over a year. Today it is done - again. This time I think it has been completed. Sometimes you never know. Sometimes after a year or so I might say, I can do better. This may even happen after the painting has been framed and put up for sale. Sometimes I discover at a later date I just want to make it better. I am frustrated because there is another of "those" that needs to be finished. And, I don't have time today. Tomorrow is another day and I have to get a seed order recieved and I have to give a Bluebird talk. Can't paint until those two things are done. Then I may just be frustrated again.

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