Saturday, June 4, 2011

Photoshop Tip!

Black Rock Mountain overlooking Clayton, Georgia, USA
Well, here is a switch! I have been working on my art almost more than full time lately. I changed from using acrylic painting to oil painting. And, I have been studying Photoshop CS5 ever since getting the program a few months ago. Here is a fancy new Photoshop tool. It is called PhotoMerge. Last night I went up to Black Rock Mountain State Park and shot about 20 photos. Today I merged them together to make the panorama shot here. It was really easy to do. I just selected and opened 5 photos in Photoshop. Just a few easy steps after that and voila, Photoshop merged them together. Here is how it is done. Open your photos in Photoshop CS5 and  choose "File" from the tool bar and then "Automate" from the drop down menu. Then choose "Photomerge" from the next drop down menu. There are a few more steps to take but, they are pretty easy just following the menus from there. And, you don't even have to use a tripod to do this when you take your photo (might get a better shot if you do) You should set your camera on manual and keep the same speed and F Stop. Load them into your computer and let Photoshop do the rest. After that, you can crop the photo to make it a rectangle if you choose. Of course, this is just a start. I plan on doing this a lot for a while. And, I also plan on doing other adjustments to this photo. I love my new found tools in Photoshop. If you need more detailed information go to this link and  you will find all the details. 
I plan on getting better at my photography tips in the future. For now, just know there are dozens of tutorials for Art,  photography and/or Photoshop on, too.

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