Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Buffalo National River, first in the nation.

I am back again after closing my NC store. Some customers, when they hear I have closed, have made their apologies. But, for me it is more like - nothing ventured, nothing gained. Had it worked out a bit better it may have been better but, since it didn't I have few regrets. I am free to do other things now. Like get back to blogging. Tomorrow we are planning on leaving for a few days vacation and a family reunion. Maybe I will even have some pictures to post. We will be visiting the Buffalo National River. It was the first National River in the US.  In the late 60's there was talk of damming the Buffalo. As a community, we made our opinions know to each other if no one else.  So, maybe, in some small way we helped in get the Buffalo to be the nation's first National River because we supported the idea. We will never know but, it is a nice thought.

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