Monday, March 15, 2010

Wilbanks Mill

This is the start of my newest painting from a photo I took of a mill on Warwoman Creek in Rabun County Georgia. I am told the mill is the Dixie Wilbanks Mill. Using acrylics, I started this painting the other day and spent about 3 hours getting the basics down. Yes, the stream has a red cast and it will be toned down as the painting is continued. This is the second version I have painted of the mill. The first was on the cover of the Rabun's Laurel (now the Georgia Mountain Laurel) some time ago. I recently dicided to do another from the same photo. This base coat has been painted entirely using a #6 Flat brush. Next i will use other brushes to add more detail. As the painting continues to develop, from time to time, I plan to post the progress here.

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  1. We went by the mill on Wednesday, and I'm afraid it's not long for this world. Having seen a few photos spaced over the past several years, I could see that the waterwheel was rapidly disintegrating, and wanted to shoot it before it was completely gone. I was barely in time, judging from the present state. And the structure itself won't be far behind. BTW, I found your page when I was searching to find out something about the mill's history...