Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogging Therapy

It occurs to me, here in the middle of the night, that I began this blog as a sort of therapy. I was going to blog for myself about anything within my comfort zone. That could be about my personal life, business or just to get something off my chest. It has since migrated towards more of my personal thoughts about pursuing my dreams and about the business of art and the business of business. I have really just written about whatever I was thinking about at the time. But then, it developed a format; that I like, however, a format I did not expect to define my blog. In keeping with that format I added a picture this evening (now morning) that was shot around this time last year. I think it is safe to say most folks are looking forward to spring at this time. Looking back to last year gives a good reference as to what we can expect for this month this year. In fact, looking at some of my pictures taken at that time really shows that spring did not come in force last year until the end of March. So, hang in there spring is coming, the real green may not be here until April. So, there you have it. Again, I am just writing within my “Comfort Zone”.

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